Semi-automatic ingredient dosing machine Powdermatic™ M60

Semi-automatic ingredient dosing machine Powdermatic™ M60

Powder Technic’s Powdermatic™ M60 manual micro-ingredient dosing unit is designed for precise, recipe-controlled dosing of micro- and small ingredients manually. 

The system consists of typically 8 pcs of 60 l dosing bins for storing of ingredients and a Powder Technic Recipe-connected table scale that moves manually on a track. This allows storing of your ingredients neatly in bins and ergonomic manual dosing to a box or container. A highly accurate weighing table is linked to a recipe-computer and a 15“ touch screen Panel PC is to control the dosing. 


Recipe-based manual dosing prevents human mistakes in dosing

The baker selects a correct recipe from the operator panel and doses correct amounts of each ingredient based on the dosing instruction on the screen. Dosing is fast and easy due to a graphical pointer pin, that shows visually the correct amount to be dosed. After each weighing, the scale tares automatically before dosing the next ingredient.

Track manual dosing from your PC

Each dosing is automatically saved to a dosing report to a standard office PC in Excel-format for quality control and traceability of the manual dosing. A bar code reader can be connected to PLC for easy batch number tracking.



  • Manual dosing by recipe → Dosing can be done by anyone, not only by professional baker
  • Visual dosing instruction and a graphical pointer pin → Extremely fast and easy to use,low risk of human error
  • Tolerance control of each dosed ingredient → Better end product quality
  • Dosing report is saved to office PC → Quality control and traceability of manual dosing
  • Stand-alone system or a part of the automatic dosing system