Vuohelan Herkku bakes gluten-free products with Powdermatic™ system

Vuohelan Herkku bakes gluten-free products with Powdermatic™ system

Vuohelan Herkku automated it's dough production by Powder Technic's dosing system. The dry ingredients are dosed to two production lines by Powdermatic™ unit. Water is dosed by Watermatic™ watermixers. A PLC controlled recipe controller is used to dose ingredients by recipe.

The dy ingredients, such as rice flour, salt, and improvers are dosed from the Powdermatic™ unit that is placed in the storage room. Precisely weighed powders are run from  Powdermatic with pneumatic conveyors to flour scales, from which they are dosed into the dough hopper in a controlled, dust-free manner.

The automatic dosing of fluids is performed by the Watermatic™ dosing units, which are connected to the raw ingredient system. The Watermatic is a compact dosing unit for the dosing of water. The water being dosed is run from the Watermatic directly into the dough hopper to an accuracy of 1 decilitre and at the desired temperature.

In accordance with the product recipes, the recipe dosing system doses 7-10 200-litre raw ingredient batches an hour. The active dosing accuracy maintenance automation monitors dosing accuracies and raw ingredient stock levels. Dosing actions and raw ingredient consumption reports for a desired time period are saved in the system and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Powder Technic installed and launched the new dosing system on a turnkey principle. The new dosing system was launched on schedule.

" I really like the Powdermatic. It helps us so  much if the preparation of our doughs. It's the last piece of equipment I'm willing to let go!"  Says Pirkko Hämäläinen, the owner and founder of Vuohelan Herkku.