Ingredient dosing equipment Powdermatic™ 200-I

Ingredient dosing equipment Powdermatic™ 200-I

The Powdermatic™ 200-I is a fully automatic dosing equipment for the precise, dust-free and uncontaminated dosing of small and micro ingredients. 
By a press of a button, the Powdermatic™ system doses ingredients according to a recipe and conveys them to the scale hopper( or hoppers). 

This system is mostly suitable for medium-sized bakeries producing 6-12 batches/hour.


Achieve constant product quality by precise dosing 

The Powdermatic™ equipment improves the consistency of your end product, as the dosing of raw materials is extremely precise.

Get rid of loss and get major cost savings in raw material and labour costs

Precise dosing provides even-sized products that fit nicely to packages. This means you don't have to bake extra in case of loss in packaging. 
With automatic dosing by Powdermatic™, you need only one person running your dough preparation.

Fits into your plant 

The powdermatic™ unit takes very little space even though it has spacious 200 l containers. Therefore, you can easily place it into your bakery or plant.

Trace your production

The Powdermatic™ also logs weighing events and lot numbers, thus allowing your product or product batch to be traced at a later time, if necessary.

Integrate it to your existing dosing system

The powdermatic™ unit is connected to the flourscale by pipeline. Existing flour silo,
pneumatic conveyor and scale hopper can by used if they work properly.


The Powdermatic™ is suitable for all industrial fields and the weighing and product recipe-based dosing of all powders.


  • Compact – does not take up a lot of floor space
  • Operation from floor level- no need for bulky service platforms
  • Easily expandable
  • Dosing tank volumes: 200-500 l
  • The placement and number of tanks can be selected:
  • Row configuration (pictured)
  • ring configuration, L-shaped, several different groups

Precise, formula-based dosing:

  • Dosing accuracy: +/– 10 g
  • User-friendly operating menus in local language
  • Significant labour cost savings
  • Meets occupational safety requirements:
  • Excellent work ergonomics
  • Effective dust removal