Dosing of ingredients from big bag

Dosing of ingredients from big bag

Dose your ingredient from big bag to your mixer or container

With Powder Tecnic's bigbag equipment you can dose your ingredients precisely weighed to your mixer or container. 

Precise batch dosing direct from big bag

A screw conveyor, weighing equipment and PLC conroller  allows weighed dosing of ingredients from big bag to mixer or container

Anti-Dust™ hopper for dust-free big bag handling

Powder Technic's proprietary Anti-Dust FIBC opening mechanism makes the handling of valve-bottom FIBCs safe and practically dust-free.

Meets safety requirements

Our equipment is designed to be reliable and safe and it meets applicable hoisting legislation standards and occupational safety requirements.

Solutions custom-tailored for every space

We design and dimension our equipment according to the customer's facilities and conduct the required load tests and deployment inspections for lift equipment.

Our equipment solution for big bag handling:

  • Equipment for discharging valve-bottom FIBCs
  • Equipment for discharging closed-bottom FIBCs
  • Support frames and lifting beams meet occupational safety requirements
  • Screw dosers
  • Electric and block-and-tackle lifts
  • Lift units for FIBC handling
  • FIBC discharge and dosing equipment
  • FIBC lifting frames