Dosing system to Scandinavia's most automated bakery, Primula bakery

Dosing system to Scandinavia's most automated bakery, Primula bakery

Powder Technic's fully automatic dosing system for bakery raw materials doses powdered and fluid dough ingredients needed in bakery production.

The turnkey dosing system is comprised of, for example, three 60 m3 exterior tanks, 17 IBC dosers and 18 small ingredient dosers, fluid doser equipment for the dosing of water, oil and sourdough as well as dosing scales, which are used to dose raw materials into the process.


The system represents the very latest technology in raw materials handling, in which a high degree of automation and the controlled handling of powdered materials and fluids are combined to form a seamless whole.

Below is an article on the Primula Bakery that appeared in the Tekniikka & Talous magazine:


One of the most advanced bakeries in the Nordic countries now has over 10,000 m2 of production area, which is divided between the bakery and, in the spring, the processed food operation. The bakery's machines are currently producing 2-5 times more bread than they did before. The first breads were shipped from Järvenpää to the customers on New Year's Eve. Approximately half of Finland's entire retail market area is found within a 160-kilometre radius. Likewise, the market's major logistics centres are all within close proximity. To top everything off, Helsinki Mills, which came to Järvenpää from its Helsinki Sörnäistenranta plant in 1990, is just next door.

The bakery division is highly automated.

The production process is designed based on the philosophy that products move from raw materials to breadbox without ever being touched. The processed food division still requires a conventional phased approach to production, which the highly automated bakery division has almost entirely done away with.

New machinery

Of the machines at Vallila, only two, which were purchased in the 2000s, could be used in the new plant. Some of the old machines were sold off to Estonia. "We purchased our primary system from the Dutch Kaak Group. All the dough, raw ingredient and packaging systems are connected to the primary system. Because this system has to be controlled using touch screen displays, we couldn't be mixing an old '60s analog vibe with today's techno," explains Juha Valkamo, CEO of Primula.

Powder Technic offers the best bakery raw material dosing technology

"Even though much of our machinery comes from Central Europe, the best dosing technology for bakery raw materials is found right here in Finland, from Kotka-based Powder Technic Ltd," says Valkamo.