Mobile powder dosers

Mobile powder dosers

Powder Technic's mobile powder dosers are designed for the automation of manual dosing processes of powders. The equipment is fitted with wheels, thus making it easy to move about. Typical applications are automated filling of tanks, hoppers and ingredient dispensers.

The equipment can be used to convey pre-weighed powders or be fitted with weighing equipment and a dosing controller for weighed dosing.

Fluidiser™ equipment and doser geometry ensure a precise dose – with all powders.

Thanks to the design of the doser base, which is based on our years of expertise in powder handling, and the revolutionary Powder Technic Fluidiser™ auxiliary discharger technology, our dosers are ideal for powders with excellent flow properties and dry powders susceptible to vaulting.

Plug and Dose™

Our dosing equipment is delivered calibrated and tested, thus making their start-up as easy as 1-2-3.


  • Dosing tank volume and dosing capacity are dimensioned specifically for each project.
  • Structural material: stainless steel
  • Screw conveyor incline: 0-90°
  • Platform for the ergonomic discharging of small sacks.
  • Hatch and dust-removal port in the hopper cover
  • Volume dosing or weighed dosing
  • Fluidisation equipment and tank design ensure the problem-free dosing of powder and meet ATEX and occupational safety requirements.
  • Can be used for the dosing of all dry powders