Sinuhe Bakery purchased POWDERMATIC© automatic dosers for both of its bakery locations

Sinuhe Bakery purchased POWDERMATIC© automatic dosers for both of its bakery locations

Sinuhe Ky has purchased POWDERMATIC© automatic dosers for both of its bakery locations

The Lahti bakery was built at the beginning of the 1970s. As production grew, the bakery's facilities were expanded several times to keep up with its ever-changing needs. The Kouvola bakery was founded at the beginning of 2008. Today, the company employs a staff of approximately 150 people. In addition to this, Sinuhe owns Koivulan Leipomo , which is also located in Kouvola.

The company's clientele consists primarily of retail stores, grocers and SK customers. Restaurants, cafés, service stations and the bakery's own stores round out the company's offering. Sinuhe bakeries are important industry players in their respective economic areas. In addition to their home bases, half of all production makes its way to grocers in nearby cities as well as department stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Central Finland and the Turku region.Over a hundred different types of products are produced by the bakeries every day to satisfy the needs of quality-conscious consumers. In addition to the bakeries, the company also has a factory outlet and an elegant lunch restaurant adjacent to the Lahti bakery.

 Dosing capacity for a single dough station is approximately 20 doses per hour

15 years ago, Powder Technic Ltd, delivered a high-efficiency POWDERMATIC© automatic doser to Sinuhe's Lahti bakery on a turnkey basis. At that time, POWDERMATIC was installed to automate 6 big bag dosers, 14 small ingredient dosers, 6 fluid dosers and silo powder and sourdough flour dosing equipment. Dry raw ingredients are conveyed by the included pneumatic conveyors to the dough dosing station and sourdough tanks efficiently and without producing any dust. Fluid raw ingredients and finished sourdough are dosed by pumps and pipes directly into the dough hoppers. POWDERMATIC recipe-based dosing is controlled by Powder Technic's advanced and versatile recipe dosing automation.The raw ingredient dosing capacity for a single dough station is approximately 20 doses per hour. 
The delivered system has received high praise from Senior Vice President Matti Hokkinen and Production Manager Jari Toivari, both of whom found the system to be extremely reliable and virtually maintenance-free since being installed.

Second delivery from Powder Technic due to good first delivery

Sinuhe ky expanded its production operations in 2008 by building a second, completely new regional bakery in Kouvola in addition to the Lahti bakery. Based on its prior positive experiences with the dosing equipment delivered, Sinuhe ky also purchased a POWDERMATIC© automatic raw ingredient doser from Powder Technic Ltd. The delivered Powdermatic© unit included 14 big-bag dosers, 14 small ingredient dosers and a water doser for the raw ingredient dosing station. The recipe-based dosing of raw ingredients is controlled by the same reliable, user-friendly Powder Technic automation as used in the first delivery, which was made in 2003.The dosing capacity of the delivered Powdermatic© equipment is approximately 20 doses per hour. Here too, the entire delivery was made on a turnkey basis.

 Based on the positive experiences had with the previous deliveries of big-bag dosers, bakery Senior Vice President Matti Hokkinen found them to be so easy-to-use and and ergonomic that there was no need whatsoever to purchase auto-fill silos for the main raw ingredients. This spared the company from having to make a major investment in silos and ensured that the powders used in production were always fresh and pure. The company was also spared from having to do the laborious annual cleaning and washing of large silos.