Office operations

Office operations

Powder Technic's recipe controller's office operations allow you to edit recipies, track your dosing processes, read dosing reports and make production orders on your PC at office or at home.

Recipe handling

•     Recipe creation/editing from office PC 
•     Operator panel’s recipe memory update
•     Recipe back-ups to office PC
•    Recipe stored safely in industrial server included
in the delivery

Production quality reports

•    dosing reports from automatic and manual dosing 
 ( shows required and actual dosed amount of ingredients for each dough batch) 
•     classification functions ( dosing report sorting by date/recipe number) 

Ingredient consumption reports

•    total ingredient consumption of each recipe
•    total consumption of each ingredient sorted by date

Production orders
•    production order creation and editing for example : 5.000 units
     of recipe A, start time : 06.00, finish time 16.00. Dosing computer
     divides the amount to correct amount of doughs ( eg 10 doughs)

ERP/MES –system compatible

•    Recipe controller is fully ERP/MES compatible so that it is possible to link it ERP System, like PCS WINBAG/Microsoft NAV/ Digia
•    Actual integration is not included to delivery. It will be quoted separately