Automation systems for food and feed industry

Automation systems for food and feed industry

Recipe dosing controllers for the dosing of raw materials

Developed for the control of raw material dosing systems, our proprietary recipe dosing controllers are extremely user-friendly and reliable.

On the basis of the product recipe, the smart automation guides the precisely weighed raw ingredients from the flour silos, IBCs, fluid containers and small ingredient dosers into the dough hopper.


Features of our recipe dosing controller:

  • recipe entry and editing from the office using a PC or directly on the control panel
  • proportioning doses to the size or quantity of dough
  • dynamic dosing precision maintenance
  • recipe printout for manually dosed raw ingredients
  • stock inventorying
  • Traceable production functions
  • Printout of completed recipes. Recipes also list raw ingredients to be manually dosed
  • Visual display of the fill level of silos, Powdermatic dosing tanks, IBCs, fluid containers, sourdough tanks in kilograms
  • Order queue entry and editing directly from an office PC on an Excel user interface connected to the ERP systems, such as SAP, Digia, etc.
  • Modem connection, which, if necessary, can be used to gain remote access to the control system, for example, using a password from a home PC.