Anti-Dust™ Big Bag discharge equipment

Anti-Dust™ Big Bag discharge equipment

We offer the industry's widest range of equipment for IBC discharging and precise, weighed dosing. Since 1989, we have delivered hundreds of pieces of IBC handling equipment for various industries, and our product range offers a suitable equipment alternative for every type of IBC.

Standardised structure allows for a competitive price

Thanks to our standardised equipment structure, we can take advantage of the benefits offered by serial production, while being able to provide individually dimensioned equipment at an extremely competitive price.

Precise batch dosing direct from an IBC

IBCs can be made into precise dosers by fitting them with a screw doser and weighing equipment. Our user-friendly batch dosing controller allows for the dosing of precisely weighed batches of powder into, for example, a mixer.

Anti-Dust IBC opening mechanism for safe, dust-free IBC handling

Powder Technic's proprietary Anti-Dust IBC opening mechanism makes the handling of IBCs safe and dust-free. Using a lift, the IBC is lowered onto a safety ring on the tank cover, thus allowing the bottom valve to be opened safely. The IBC bottom valve can be easily and safely opened through the hatch. After opening the bottom valve, the dustproof hatch is closed, fully sealing the tank.


A typical equipment assembly includes, for example:

  • An officially approved IBC lift rack and lifting frame
  • Chain or electric lift
  • Dosing tank with fluidisation and weighing equipment
  • Screw or pneumatic conveyor
  • Dosing automation and user-friendly control terminal