Powdermatic™ Lite goes to the Estonia's biggest bakery


Powdermatic unit automatic dosing of small ingredients

Powder Technic supplies it's new Powdermatic™ Lite small ingredient dosing unit to Eesti Pagar, which is Estonia's biggest bakery.


Better dough quality and savings in labour costs

The Powdermatic™ Lite will reduce significantly the amount of manual labour in dough production by dosing manually added ingredients automatically. The dosing of small ingredients is controlled by PLC so human errors in manual dosing are also eliminated. 

Connected to the Powder Technic's Recipe Controller for fully automatic operation

The Powdermatic™ Lite unit will be connected to Powder Technic's dosing system so that when the operator starts the automatic dosing of ingredients from silos and big bags, the Powdermatic Lite™ will automatically begin to dose the small ingredient batch to the transfer box. Once the dosing process from silos and bigbags is ready and ingredients are dosed to the dough bowl, the operator adds the batch of small ingredients from the transfer box to the dough bowl and begins mixing process.