Powder Technic's fluidisation systems food safe


We are glad to annouce that the fluidisation fabric that we use in our fluidisation systems passed the migration tests conducted by the testing agency SGS. This means that the Powder Technic's fluidisation systems are officially "Food Safe" and can be safely used in contact with food ingredients.

"The Food-Grade certification is great news for Powder Technic and our clients. The special type of fluidisation fabric, that se use, plays a central part in assuring even and un-interrupted flow of powdery materials from our silos,hoppers and dosing units. We've known for years the material's safety from passed lab tests of our clients but now the food-safety of the material has been also officially proven", says Powder Technic's CEO Tuomo Kousa

Food Safe -symbol

The food safe symbol generally assures that:

1. The material is free of any toxic contaminants which could be contacted from the manufacturing process.
2. The material shall not potentially become a source of toxic contamination through usage (degeneration). This is assured by estimating and regulating the "migration limits" of the material